What is Communitarianism?

Communitarianism is the unelected, centralized governance of a transhumanist, micropolitics society.

“It’s the kind of communist capitalism, or capitalist communism, that you’re not supposed to understand.” – KJ

“Talmudic Law mixed with Cabala” is the “eugenicist mystery school driving supranational global Communitarian Law.” – Niki Raapana

Communitarian: “A member of a communist community“. “A member or advocate of a communistic or communalist community.” “Communist sympathizer.” – Collins Dictionary

Unelected Governance

Communitarianism, as a political religion, seeks to impose unelected governance in every country and on an international level.

Unelected governance means that the people in a country, including the Philippines, do not/can not participate in a process of electing their (political) representatives. Under communitarian law, the people are not part of such a process because communitarian law seeks to abolish the very process of people electing their representation in government.

The easiest way to understand this principle of unelected governance is by understanding the United Nations, where unelected governance is at the very core of the system.

The people of the Philippines, and other countries, do not/can not elect their representatives in the UN. Every country’s representatives in the UN, including the UN representatives of the Philippine government, are selected/appointed by a government agency or office. In the Philippines, in February 2020, president Duterte appointed Enrique Manalo as the permanent representative of the Philippines to the United Nations.

Most Filipinos do not know the name of the permanent representative of the Philippines to the United Nations (Enrique Manalo), and most people in the country do not know Enrique Manalo. Yet, he ‘represents’ the nation at the UN where legally ‘binding’ decisions are made that have an impact on the lives of all Filipinos.

Likewise, the secretary-general of the UN, the highest position in the UN system, is appointed by the UN General Assembly upon the recommendation of the UN Security Council. There is no real election process, wherein the people of countries can participate, for the position of UN secretary-general. In 2017, for instance, Filipinos, too, were not able to vote for or against António Guterres, the current UN secretary-general.

Provably, the UN is not a democracy or a democratic organization or system, and the representatives for a country are not elected by the people of a country. Which means that, in reality, the permanent representative of the Philippines to the United Nations represents the Filipino people under the communitarian law system.

Centralized Governance

Communitarianism and communitarian law seek to impose extremely oversized and highly centralized governance on a national and international level.

Communitarians seek to impose oversized governments in order to limit the physical and mental freedom of people, and in order to control every part, however small, (micromanagement/micropolitics) of people their lives.

Since the global lockdowns of March 11, 2020, Filipinos, and people in other countries, have been living under a micromanagement/micropolitics and medical tyranny whereby people’s physical and mental freedom is being limited. Often by government personnel who resort(ed) to violence, oppression and illegal activities. Including, but not limited to, unconstitutional penalties and unconstitutional imprisonment.

Since March 11-15, 2020, also the Philippine government has been limiting what Filipinos can do. Where Filipinos can go and even what they can eat (shops were, sometimes violently, forced to close). All of which is unconstitutional, also since the government has still not been able to prove that a “deadly” pandemic occurred in the country in 2020-2021.

The (alleged) “mandatory” wearing of face masks/face shields for the general public, which is unconstitutional, as well as the government propaganda about the gene therapies (COVID ‘vaccines’), several of which are “poison” according to the Western Australian government, are more examples of highly centralized governance. Especially on the international level, since nearly all countries have or had the same or similar, so-called, “health protocols“.

The fact that nearly all governments worldwide have/had, and often violently enforce(d), these “protocols”, and the fact that nearly all governments propagandize the people of their countries about the gene therapies, is because those governments do not abide by the constitution of their lands.

Instead, those governments, including the Philippine government, abide by the constitution of the World Health Organization. Which is a communitarian law document, also because the Filipinos never had a chance to participate in the process of writing and signing that document.

However, every Filipino has the constitutional right (Section 4) to reject and distance himself/herself from the WHO constitution. Which is, in fact, every Filipino’s duty if he/she wants to preserve the Philippine constitution, the Bill of Rights, Philippine culture and Philippine identity.

Transhumanist, Micropolitics Society

Communitarians seek to merge humans with machines and technology (transhumanism). In the past two years of medical tyranny, the gene therapies are one example of communitarians their transhumanist tendencies.

These gene therapies, too, are technological experiments that aim to alter the natural human body, and in most cases without the manufacturers and governments properly informing the participants (the public). Most people (still) don’t know that their so-called COVID ‘vaccines’ are, in fact, gene therapies (a technology that has not been approved in any country) and “poison“.

The reasons why both manufacturers and governments want as many people as possible “vaccinated“, or, rather, want them to be participants in these gene therapies, is because 1) a lot of wealth is being generated for both, and 2) the more data there is, the more scientific value the experiments have for the manufacturers.

Another example of the communitarians their transhumanist tendencies are the UN, World Economic Forum and Bank for International Settlements their “smart cities” and “Belt and Road” agendas.

In suggested, future “smart cities”, humans are supposed to be connected (according to the authors of those agendas) to the “internet of bodies“, through which people their physical existence is constantly being monitored, micromanaged and manipulated. Which means even less physical and mental freedom for the individual and a ‘community’.

In those suggested cities, 5G technology is supposed to enable the “internet of things“, which is supposed to be used to monitor all human activity, while 6G technology is supposed to connect the human body itself to the global control grid.