What is Alternative Communitarianism?

TruthCaster.co – What is alternative communitarianism?

The short answer is this: it’s communitarianism for ‘truthers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’.

To get a good idea of what an advanced (professional) alternative communitarian talks about, listen to this conversation between Sacha Stone and Jesse Hal (The Missing Link). Interestingly, while Jesse Hal is very much aware of communitarianism, he didn’t talk about it with Sacha Stone. Even though communitarianism is the collective agenda of everything evil that Stone mentions. While not explicitly saying so, Hal is very interested in Stone’s alternative communitarianism. Just like mainstream communitarianism, alternative communitarianism has slick talking points that try to lure people into the grand scheme.

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Now, what exactly does that mean, in more detail? Because while most people still haven’t heard of (mainstream political) communitarianism, many more, than today, would reject it if they knew about it and understood it.

Mainstream communitarianism includes everything that is associated with the EU, the UN, the World Economic Forum, the Bank for International Settlements, community law (communitarian law), and Amitai Etzioni’s Kabbalistic ideas about creating a global, but digital, kibbutz.

Alternative communitarianism is specifically designed to absorb, or coopt, all those people who reject mainstream communitarianism (even if they themselves don’t necessarily call it that). Yet, with the same goal as its mainstream counterpart.

Alternative communitarianism is about removing the need for all encryption (including encryption of communication), and “standing naked” in the realm of the universe.

Alternative communitarianism is about removing the need for cash money, or any form of tokenized trade. How exactly people are supposed to buy a loaf of bread, alternative communitarians haven’t figured out yet. They speak of community service, just like mainstream communitarians do, but how they will feed the lazy or cheating people that’s something others will have to find a solution for, along the way.

Alternative communitarianism is about fighting against satanism, luciferianism, the “Rothschillians” and the Khazarian mafia. But just like it is the case with mainstream communitarianism, in alternative communitarian circles you are not allowed to connect communitarianism to Kabbalah, the Talmud and the jewish/zionist mafia. Even though communitarianism is rooted in Kabbalah, the Talmud and the Noahide laws, and is being brutally enforced by that same mafia and its minions.

Alternative communitarianism is about creating Utopia, or Arcadia. But you’ll have to bring cash money to buy a piece of land there, and to buy the dozens of “educators” and “teachers” their books and other merchandise.

With alternative communitarians you can talk about anything that would come up on any conspiracy forum, except communitarianism and its roots.

Why has alternative communitarianism been introduced, and why is it being heavily funded? One, to lead ‘the opposition’, and, two, to create a fantastic and very entertaining state of confusion, in order to, one, coopt the resistance, and, two, to render most rebels delusional and desperate.

Alternative communitarianism is already being spread far and wide on the ‘truther scene’.

For instance, the Academy of Divine Knowledge, now known as Unifyd, already works with popular ‘alternative’ individuals, including Del Bigtree, David Icke, Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Alec Zeck, Damien Wynne, Sean Stone, Patrick King and dozens of others.

Including Alex Jones’ buddy Mike Adams, Zev Zelenko and Sacha Stone…

And look who also recently joined the party…