The Bünting Clover Leaf Map, Then and Now

Bünting Clover Leaf Map. The original or an early copy reportedly preserved at the National Library of Israel.



The original Bünting Clover Leaf Map was created and published in 1581, in Germany, by Heinrich Bünting, a Protestant pastor, who made several maps based on the scriptures in the Bible.

Bünting depicted the world as a clover leaf with the “Promised Land”, Jerusalem, at the center, and Europe, Asia, and Africa extending out from it. On the website of the National Library of Israel, a high definition image is available of the map.

Since its creation, the Bünting Clover Leaf Map has been referenced in decoration in churches and synagogues, including the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Hurva Synagogue

That the Bünting Clover Leaf Map is a widely recognized artifact or symbol in Jerusalem’s politics, even today, can be confirmed through the fact that a mosaic copy of the map is on display at Safra Square, the location of Jerusalem’s city hall.

Bünting Clover Leaf Map, Safra Square, Jerusalem

Clearly, Israeli politics, regardless of political affiliation, continues to embrace the idea of Israel being the center of the world.

This was also reflected during the premiership of Benjamin Netanyahu, and recently during Naftali Bennett’s premiership. Also rabbis believe that Israel was and is the center of the world.

Obviously, the Bünting Clover Leaf Map is real, and is not just a conspiracy theory.


As mentioned, Netanyahu’s premiership was centered on Israel being the center of the world. Especially in cyberspace. “The real domain of power,” in Netanyahu’s own words.

In 2014, the entire international press, both mainstream and ‘alternative’ outlets, (deliberately) misquoted Netanyahu after his speech at the CyberTech 2014 conference. While the press claimed that Netanyahu wanted “a United Nations of the Internet,” this is what he actually said:

“… I wouldn’t try to do this in inclusive ways… A new UN of the internet, it’s not gonna work … because some unprincipled elements would be in that room and they would distort this effort. I think you need a coalition of the willing … In this I think Israel is unquestionably a leading power.”

Clearly, Netanyahu was not interested at all in “a United Nations of the Internet“, further implying that Israel should be the one that takes the lead in governing the internet. That Israel should be at the center of the cyber world.

Why did the press (deliberately) misquote Netanyahu? Likely for the same reasons why the monostream press refuses to talk about the communitarian agenda.

Naftali Bennett too, in 2021, implied that Israel should be at the center of the world. In his case, when it concerns viruses and pandemics:

“Israel will become the [world’s] radar for the virus.”

He made that statement as part of his project Omega campaign, which included the genetically scanning of people who arrive at the Ben Gurion Airport, barcodes for students and parents and various other dystopian control grid applications, which he wanted to export worldwide.

In Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, too, the Chinese government’s multi-decade investment and development plan for the world’s commerce, transportation and micropolitics, the Israeli government has positioned itself at the center.

A key part of the Israeli government’s plan is the nationwide technology hub. Israel as the world’s main tech hub, connecting China and Russia to the rest of the world. Nearly all the biggest tech companies, also from the US and Europe, have research and development centers, and major data centers, in Israel.

As many researchers will know and admit, the presence in Israel of all major tech companies, from around the world, poses a serious security risk for both those companies and their users and clients.

Not only do the Israeli intelligence agencies have access to all the research and development (which provides opportunities to insert secret backdoors in software and hardware), all the user data that passes through Israel, from abroad, is actively being analyzed and exploited by the same agencies.

As Carl Cameron’s investigation showed in the early 2000s, even long before 9/11 the Israeli company Amdocs already spied on all American phone calls. Giving the Israeli intelligence agencies ample opportunities to orchestrate 9/11, or cover up the truths about the attacks.

With all this data currently flowing through Israel, one cannot honestly assume that the same agencies were not or will not be involved in other past or future staged events and false flag attacks, anywhere in the world.

Aside from these aspects, there are also the communitarian agendas, including “Community 2020” (2020 lockdowns, ‘great reset’, ‘great narrative’,…), that have their roots in the jewish Talmud, Kabbalah, and the Noahide laws. Which has been confirmed through the work of Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich.

This too, by definition, puts Israel at the center of the communitarian political religion (communitarianism), and the community law system (communitarian law).

The Bünting Clover Leaf Map, once merely a depiction of biblical scripture, has been hijacked and is now being used as a template by a group of hardcore and ruthless sectarians who seek full spectrum dominance over everything and everyone that lives or exists on this planet.