Communitarianism, in Their Own Words – For obvious reasons, the European Union, the United Nations and even the Belgian government (a communitarian government, or “gouvernement communautaire” in French) refuse to acknowledge the dark side of communitarianism. Which also includes Amitai Etzioni’s Talmud/Kabbalah-based political communitarianism, and the Freemasons their allegiance to both Kabbalah and communitarianism, due to the principles and rules of the latter their cult religion.

Although the 2020 lockdowns, the gene therapy campaigns that followed, the WEF’s COVID 19 Action Platform (the gateway to “the great reset” and “the great narrative”) are all a direct result of the communitarian agenda “Community 2020” (developed in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s) being rolled out, no politician in any government office, anywhere, has found the courage to expose the dark side of communitarianism, or to even mention communitarianism at all.

Additionally, most people, still today, are not yet aware that communitarianism is even a thing. Those who are new to it, often assume that the word was invented by some conspiracy theorists who hate jews but simply want their hate to be served in a more appealing word salad.

The reality is very different, of course. Just like Israeli terrorist Amitai Etzioni has written extensively about (his form of) communitarianism, so has the EU, for instance, written extensively about communitarian law. The supposed ‘legal’ framework in which it unconstitutionally operates and exists.

At the EU, the communitarian law system is called “acquis communautaire“. It’s a French term.

“Acquis communautaire is a French term referring to the cumulative body of European Community laws, comprising the EC’s objectives, substantive rules, policies and, in particular, the primary and secondary legislation and case law – all of which form part of the legal order of the European Union (EU). This includes all the treaties, regulations and directives passed by the European institutions, as well as judgements laid down by the European Court of Justice. The acquis is dynamic, constantly developing as the Community evolves, and fundamental. All Member States are bound to comply with the acquis communautaire.”

In French, “acquis” is defined as “recognized without dispute“. This implies that the EU has an undisputed mandate, which is a big lie. The EU has no undisputed mandate at all because there’s not even a majority of the population in EU member states that supports the EU in anything it does or claims. Hence the cancellation, in 2004, of the referendums in Europe on the then proposed EU constitution. The reason why this series of referendums was cancelled is because it became glaringly clear that, indeed, there exists no majority support for the EU system, nor for communitarian law.

Eventually, governments of EU member states unilaterally adopted the Lisbon Treaty without any input from the population. In most cases, violating national constitutions in the process. The same happened when those governments, earlier, adopted the fake EU currency, the euro. In exchange for far less sovereignty, by terminating their national currencies, also without any input from the people.

It’s in the same way that also the UN operates. There, “acquis communautaire” is replaced by “community law“, different terms, same meaning: communitarian law.

Using the illegitimate European Court of Justice as a basis, the UN writes:

Community Law is without any doubt, the most effective international law system. Although the European Union does not have a particular competence or policy in the field of human rights, its effectiveness as well as the relationships between national courts and the European Court of Justice merit some considerations.”


The backgrounds of the European Union are several treaties. Their development, called Community Law, is quite an original contribution to international law.”


the provisions of the Community Law which affect the legal rights and duties of private individuals of the Member States, without any domestic legislative act, may be enforced by action before municipal courts. Relating to conflicts between legal systems there is the Supremacy Question to ask. The supremacy of the Community Law over national law is one of the key concepts of the Community. In numerous occasions the Court has confirmed the supremacy of Community Law whether explicitly or implicitly.


“the Court of Justice controls the legality of Community Law; its application has been attributed to the national courts. These courts must apply Community Law, as part of their national legal system, between individuals and their States, as well as between individuals mutually.

So, it is very easy to document the actual existence of the communitarian law system, or community law.

It is also very easy to document the fact that the EU and UN exist without an undisputed mandate from any majority of the people. The mere fact that most people are not aware of this false ‘legal’ system, proves that no such undisputed mandate can exist.

As I have been saying repeatedly. Any protests in the streets or elsewhere, whether violent or not, that are not exposing the communitarian law system and the communitarian political religion, will always result in a loss for the protesters and a win for the communitarian mafia that has been destroying, attacking and even killing us, officially, at least since March 11, 2020. The year, and probably the day, when the “Community 2020” agenda was rolled out – precisely as planned decades ago.