Dear Niki Raapana, You Will Be Missed

Today at ACL Philippines, we are saddened by Niki Raapana’s passing away.

EMS did everything they could but my amazing mother passed away this afternoon [June 15],” Nordica Friedrich, her daughter, wrote in an update on Facebook.

Niki was the co-founder of the ACL, the Anti Communitarian League.

She will be missed by many, many people who through Niki’s work, for more than 20 years, discovered the reality and open secrets about communitarianism.

Niki leaves behind a unique legacy that will continue to inspire people around the world to live a life as free and as meaningful as possible.

Niki will always be remembered as the icon that she was.

It has been an honor to know her, and it’s an honor to be able to continue her work, and build further upon her legacy.