Rigged Philippine Elections Are Part of Israel’s Geopolitical Agenda

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TruthCaster.coAnd that communitarian agenda has a name: ‘Community 2020’. Which also incorporates Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and Naftali Bennett’s “Omega” project.

It’s not that the Philippine people had any real chance on May 9 to prevent extensively manipulated elections in the country, except for the fact that they could have returned to exclusively paper ballots and manual counting. Thus, terminating any and all cooperation and business with Smartmatic, a company that has no real credibility at all, anywhere. And that in the Philippines is tied to Israel through at least Israeli citizen Elie Moreno.

At least since the 1980s, the Israeli government has been shifting towards the communist Chinese government at the expense of the United States. And not just by supplying the Chinese government with US military technology. At least one Israeli port, Haifa, is Chinese-operated, and China is heavily invested in other critical infrastructure in Israel. Which indicates that the Israeli government is also strengthening its economic and diplomatic ties with the communist regime in Beijing.

For Jinping’s BRI to be successful, it needs the US isolated from the rest of the world, this is hardwired into the BRI plans. And the Israeli government is eagerly helping to achieve that isolation, so it seems.

The Philippines has been an ally of the US for decades, and it has been providing the US with an opportunity to be strategically present in the Southeast Asia region. This is a problem for Jinping’s BRI because a strong US presence in the region can stall, or even prevent, the incorporation of the Philippines into the BRI.

President Duterte, too, has been shifting towards the Chinese communist regime. To the extent that many people in the Philippines make jokes about the country becoming a Chinese province.

One of Marcos Jr his main tasks is to bring communist China closer to Manila, in every sense of the word, the BRI demands it. And being the “weak leader” that he is, according to Duterte, Marcos Jr will happily make that happen.

After all, there’s a lot of money to be made and stolen with the BRI when/if it gets implemented in the Philippines. At the expense of the people, in favor of the political dynasties and their minions, headed for six years by a puppet president.