One by One: The Integrity of Countries Their Elections is Being Destroyed, by Design – One of the centerpieces of the communitarian agenda for the world, ‘Community 2020’, is unelected governance.

Unelected governance is a form of governance that is imposed, by communitarians, on the people of a country. Regardless of the political system that is in place. It’s a form of governance whereby a country is not governed by elected representatives but by technocrats, social engineers, oligarchs and their minions, international cartels, and increasingly also by artificial intelligence.

Obviously, unelected governance is not something that any majority in a country would accept, unless people are being deceived and manipulated into accepting it.

One way to manipulate people into accepting unelected governance is by deliberately undermining and eventually destroying the integrity of their election system(s), without most people realizing or knowing about it. That’s what happened recently in Belgium (2019), the United States (2020) and the Philippines (2022), but also in France a few weeks ago.

In order for unelected governance to replace elected governance, people must first lose their trust in the election systems that they are familiar with.

Ironically, the communitarian mafia, to a certain extent, relies also on those people who rightfully expose election fraud and manipulation. In order to then present ‘the solution’…. a form of unelected governance.

However, when drawing attention to election fraud and manipulation, it is crucial to present the findings against a backdrop that also exposes the communitarian agenda. Or else you’d be serving those who seek to permanently oppress you with their death cult, which is communitarianism.

The main purposes of unelected governance are the implementation of centralized, global governance, micropolitics and micromanagement, and the advancement of transhumanism.