Is May 1 a Communitarian Holiday?

“Talmudic Law mixed with Cabala” is the “eugenicist mystery school driving supranational global Communitarian Law.” – Niki Raapana

Is May 1 a communitarian holiday?

The answer to that question is YES, and it’s easy to prove this.

The annual May 1 celebrations, as these are known today, were started by the Marxist movement in 1889. Karl Marx was a jew, and his doctrine, marxism (communism), is almost entirely based on jewish teachings and jewish belief systems.

Today, (political) communitarianism is considered a product of jewish supremacy, its contemporary guru and “everything expert” is jewish, a jewish terrorist, Amitai Etzioni.

The political religion “communitarianism” merges communism (including May 1 ritualism), capitalism, environmentalism, Talmudic law and Cabala.

Next, we take Collins dictionary’s definition for communitarian, which states: “A member of a communist community“. “A member or advocate of a communistic or communalist community.” “Communist sympathizer.”

So, is May 1 really a communitarian holiday?

Yes, because it’s historically rooted in jewish teachings and beliefs, and communism. The communitarians their political religion, communitarianism, cannot exist without communism and therefore must include May 1 ritualism.

This also means that anyone who celebrates May 1 is, at least on that day, a communitarian – or a communist sympathizer. If not an adherent of jewish supremacy.