Is Reiner Fuellmich His “Grand Jury” Willing to Present the Truth?

The following are emails that were sent to Reiner Fuellmich, the lawyer who is heading the COVID “grand jury” model proceeding.

Since we do not receive any response from Fuellmich, we believe it is in the public’s interest to share these emails with you.


Date: February 16, 2022


One week ago, I sent you an urgent email, which is included below.

You have not replied to that email, even though it contains information that is crucial for your model proceeding and even though I requested that you add Niki Raapana to your list of experts, since Niki is an expert on the political religion “communitarianism” and the communitarian law system that this religion is responsible for.

By not replying to my email(s) and by disregarding Niki’s work, you are undermining the credibility of your model proceeding. This is very unfortunate because you put a lot of time and energy in it, and the world is watching you – hoping for results.

You only have this one chance to do this right. Once the momentum is gone, you will have missed your opportunity to really have justice served, and to really expose the system in which this ongoing international tyranny is made possible.

By not including the political religion “communitarianism” and the communitarian law system to your sets of evidence, and by not considering Niki Raapana a key expert, you create the impression that you are not really in search for the truth and that you are not willing to present the truth to your audience – the people.

You can still change course and restore the credibility that you have lost this past week.

Do the right thing, even if doing so leaves you with a sense of fear for those in perceived power. Do it now or all your efforts will be for nothing, in the end.

Your audience around the world deserves to know the truth. I am handing it to you because you can reach many more people than I can all by myself.

Use your platform to expose the truth about the communitarian movement (death cult), or consider your platform irrelevant after today.

May you have the courage to step forward and to help remove the biggest layer of deception this world has ever had to deal with.

Koen Jacobs

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Court Case Evidence: The Communitarian Law System
Date: 2022-02-08 00:45

Sir, Madam,

Your model proceeding is very valuable and hopefully it will motivate
people around the world to further take legal action, locally.

It does seem that in your list of evidence, you have not included the
law system that is making this global tyranny possible. This law system
is the communitarian law system.

A centerpiece document in the communitarian law system is the W.H.O.

Provably, governments that have signed this document in the past, are
not enforcing the constitution of their country. They are enforcing the
WHO constitution. Hence the synchronized implementation of ‘lockdowns’,
face mask wearing, and of course the mRNA injections (cell and gene
therapy products), worldwide.

The communitarian law system is specifically designed to undermine, and
eventually remove, the constitutional law system of a country, all

Adding this set of evidence to your model proceeding is absolutely
necessary because it enables the audience, the People, to understand how
this ongoing tyranny is ‘legally’ possible, even though it goes against
nearly every constitution of any country.

Omitting this set of evidence is not acceptable, so I strongly urge you
to further investigate the communitarian law system and include it in
your model proceeding, your updates, and your actions against those who
are responsible for these committed and ongoing crimes on a global

I also want to suggest an additional expert for your model proceeding
and further action: Niki Raapana from Alaska, USA.

Since 1999, Niki Raapana has been investigating political
communitarianism and the communitarian law system. She has written 2
books in which she presents her research. “_2020 Our Common Destiny_”
and “_The Anti Communitarian Manifesto_.”

These 2 books are available for free in a combined PDF file, which you
can download from our website:

Niki Raapana is an expert on communitarianism, she is also a co-founder
of ACL (USA), and her input will make your model proceeding and sets of
evidence complete.

You can contact Niki on Facebook:


For your convenience:

Niki’s website (ACL USA):
Niki’s blog:

Perhaps you may have never heard of Niki, communitarianism and the
communitarian law system, which is why I bring these to your attention

You say that you want to make sure that justice is served and I am
convinced that you are sincere. Though, justice can only be truly served
when the People understand what has been happening since the early days
of the communitarian movement in Europe and the US. Which is the
political and ‘legal’ foundation for this ongoing tyranny.

Also, the EU law system is also part of the communitarian law system.

Additionally, I also want to bring to your attention a document from the
Western Australian government, signed by Dr Andrew Robertson (chief
health officer) on the 18th of February 2021, in which Robertson (and,
thus, the government) calls “SARS-CoV-2 vaccine” a “_poison_.” The word
“_poison_” is a direct quote from that government document.

You can download this document from our website:

This is the original page where this document was published by the
Western Australian government:

This document is one of the many reasons why I personally refuse to be
injected with any COVID or other mRNA product that is being

I look forward to your response.


Koen Jacobs
ACL Philippines