Amitai Etzioni and Klaus Schwab

Amitai Etzioni (left) Klaus Schwab

You would have to be very misinformed or disinformed if you believe that the following is pure coincidence.

This is what Amitai Etzioni, the ‘godfather’ of 21st century communitarianism, said in 2004 at former Dutch prime minister Balkenende his “Europe: A Beautiful Idea” conference:

“The world needs a new global architecture, additional layers of governance, to deal with issues that neither nations nor traditional forms of intergovernmental organizations can cope with.” (quote archived by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, in ACL’s book “2020: Our Common Destiny”)

The exact same words, as in Etzioni’s quote, are being used by Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum (WEF) (COVID-19 Action Platform/Great Reset, March 11, 2020/The Great Narrative, 2021).

Clearly, Schwab and the WEF (and the UN) base their agendas on Etzioni’s doctrine (as did former Dutch prime minister Balkenende, and as the current Duterte administration does given that it obeys and enforces communitarian WHO/WEF directives).

“Amitai Etzioni, a student of Cabala, was raised on a kibbutz in the British Mandate for Palestine. He immigrated to the U.S. after he fought as a terrorist and Special Forces revolutionary soldier. Etzioni is very skilled in the Art of Deception.”

“Dr. Etzioni, our expert communitarian guru, says we can’t cope with our issues without additional layers of bureaucracy. His solution to all socio-economic-political ills is to end nation states and implement global governance. The transformation of America [and the Philippines] is right in step with the gradualist transformation of Europe. And Etzioni’s communitarian dream of an international Community Police force is as well advanced as the evolving law [communitarian law] the peacekeepers are trained to write and enforce.” (Niki Raapana, Nordica Friedrich, “2020: Our Common Destiny”, KJ)