Will “Unelected Governance” Be Achieved Through Smartmatic’s “Compromised” Systems?

Elie Moreno, Israeli citizen and Smartmatic Philippines General Manager in 2016.

A cyber crime unit (CICC) of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in the Philippines has stated that it has sufficient reason to conclude that the systems of Smartmatic, the tech firm supplying the automated election software and systems for the national and local elections in May this year, are “compromised“.

The CICC initiated an investigation into Smartmatic’s systems and software following a January 10 report by the Manila Bulletin, which claimed that “COMELEC’s servers were hacked and that sensitive data were downloaded.”

On May 4, 2021, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), headed by chairman Sheriff Abas, signed a contract of more than ₱400 million with Smartmatic (CONTRACT FOR THE PROCUREMENT OF AUTOMATED ELECTIONS SYSTEMS (AES) SOFTWARE FOR THE ELECTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS), VOTE COUNTING MACHINES (VCMs) and CONSOLIDATION & CANVASSING SYSTEM (CCS)). So far, none of the COMELEC commissioners, including Abas, have indicated that they want to see the Smartmatic contract canceled. Even though the May 2022 elections are compromised.

In December 2020, Smartmatic was granted the refurbishment of 97,345 VCMs. As well as the supply of 109,745 SD (secure digital) main cards, the same number of SD WORM (write once-read many) cards and 250,000 cleaning sheets. Totaling in contracts worth ₱637,443,308.45.

So far, there are also no reports in the media about any senator or congressman demanding that the Smartmatic contract is canceled.

Three months before the elections, electronic voting systems are “compromised” and hardly any high-level government officials are stepping forward in efforts to secure the integrity of the May elections.

Is this the way that the international communitarian (crime) syndicate wants to undermine the election process in the Philippines, too?

Its tactics and its deployment of Smartmatic are not new. In the US, also Smartmatic was part of a highly organized effort to manipulate the 2020 elections. Resulting in the controversial and disputed Biden presidency (a communitarian presidency).

Undermining the election process of a country is one of the cornerstones of the international communitarian syndicate its agenda.

In Belgium, since the start of the global lockdowns on March 11, 2020, two consecutive, illegitimate national governments, Wilmès II and De Croo I, have been installed by the communitarian syndicate. Both national governments were formed without any elections.

The latter, De Croo I, is headed by unelected prime minister Alexander De Croo, who is a “young global leader” at the World Economic Forum. The same ‘forum’ that has become infamous for the rollout of its COVID-19 Action Platform, through which it formally introduced its “great reset” agenda on March 11, 2020.

Both president Aquino III and president Duterte were/are World Economic Forum participants.