Why Most Filipinos Have Never Heard of Communitarianism

There are two main reasons why most of the Filipino people have never heard anything about communitarianism and communitarian law, which are the political religion and international law system that are responsible for the current (medical) tyranny in the country since March 2020.

1. You’re Not Supposed to Know About It

Communitarianism and communitarian law are two concepts that the alleged power structures in this world and in this country do not want you to know about, or even discuss in private conversations with your family and friends.

As a Filipino, too, according to ‘leading’ communitarians (anti-individualists), you’re not supposed to know anything about this political religion, nor about its law system, communitarian law, which are both meant to uproot the Philippine constitution, Filipino culture and Filipino identity.

As a Filipino, you’re not supposed to know that foreign, special interests, such as the zionist mafia in Washington DC, Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, London, Brussels/Antwerp and Beijing, are targeting your and your country’s independence, your way of living and the nuclear, or the elementary, family that you were born into, and the nuclear family that you, by now, may have started yourself.

Filipinos, like any other people, are not supposed to know and understand that their country is being destroyed from within, by people who kneel before the communitarian law system and who have pledged allegiance to a different political religion, communitarianism.

The fact that, as a Filipino, you’re not supposed to know about communitarianism and communitarian law is also reflected in the quantity of mainstream publications (or the lack thereof) about these two concepts.

2. Ignorance

For the sake of fairness, let’s assume that all Philippine mainstream media outlets and journalists are totally unaware of communitarianism and communitarian law (which is impossible since these are being studied for at least 20+ years).

That could be a reason why the Philstar, Manila Bulletin, Sunstar, ABS CBN and all other mainstream news websites in the country have nothing relevant to say about these topics. Go, and visit their websites, all of them. Try to find any meaningful content about communitarianism and communitarian law. You won’t find it. It’s not there. It doesn’t exist. We know, we’ve investigated this at the ACL Philippines (true, some do mention the words communitarian and communitarianism but, as said, not in a relevant way that would alert the public about the dangers).


Given that the Philippines is a very religious country (which should be a powerful weapon against communitarian tyranny) and is, supposedly, a constitutional country, is it not our duty to study the systems that were created to deceive us and to destroy our way of living? Is it not our duty to identify those who seek to corrupt the minds of our men, women and children? #CleansingOfTheTemple